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leader's speech

With the hard work and struggle in the past 58 years, we have created brilliant achievement , accumulated a profound culture and formed our own professional features and business operating advantage. Here by, I’d like to express my heartfelt thanks for  the contributions  made  by the generations of employees and thanks for the concern, support from our customers.
58 years ago, with the hard work of older generation  like Chen Zutao, the first automobile factory design   department was established in China . They accumulated in the study, created  in the exploration, and gradually a technology and management system of the Ninth Institute characteristics formed, and developed into a professional automobile factory design  institute which is the only in machinery industry.
With the reform and opening-up , the Ninth Institute has stepped into the tide of market economy from planning and designing institution in the past planned economy period. Experienced the competition in the market , we have got a firm foothold and steady progress!
At the beginning of the 21 century,  the cost center of the Ninth Institute  has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of FAW group, at the same time, we caught the development opportunities in automobile industry, and rapidly  developed  our business to project management and engineering general  contracting, our business scale continued to enlarge and further enhance our industry status, in successive years we ranked the "top 100" in national project management and engineering general contracting, from which we realized a great-leap-forward development.
Looking back to the past half a century, more than 6000 construction results of our engineering consulting ,designing and project contracting have been throughout the country, more than 260 projects won the national and provincial awards. The independent development technology like swinging rod, the digital process planning, dry spray, etc. have been applied in engineering projects successfully. It is just a beginning, we get start to challenge the high-end technology in different fields!  The inherit and development of the Ninth Institute  culture, as well as the rich activities make our team full of more cohesion and fight strength.
The 58th anniversary is our new beginning, we should have a clear understanding: the consulting design enterprises are facing great challenges with the high pace development of economic globalization and market internationalization. But the challenges and opportunities are always coexist, let us work closely and work together to write  down the new brilliants, to struggle for the future of the Ninth Institute , to dedicate  a more magnificent blueprint for for FAW group and China automobile industry ! 

Chairman, Party Secretary
Lizhi Wang
General manager, deputy party secretary
Shixin Liu
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