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Established in 1958, the MMI the Ninth Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as The Ninth Institute) is the first Class A design institute engaging in planning, factory design and construction for automobile industry across China. The Ninth Institute completed the planning, design as well as reconstruction  and expansion for Chinese major automobile industrial bases, including China FAW Group Corporation, Second Automobile Works Co. Ltd., Beijing Automobile Works Co., Ltd., Nanjing Automobile Works Co., Ltd. and Jinan Automobile Works Co., Ltd., during “The First Five Year” to “The Sixth Five Year” Plan. In addition, it also sent numerous high-end technicians to Dongfeng Design Institute, Shenzhen Design Institute, Tianjin Automotive Technology Center, Jinan Heavy Duty Truck Group and Nanjing Yuejin Group. That’s why it is reputed as “cradle for design of Chinese automobile factories”.
The Ninth Institute has stuck to adjusting business strategy properly and constantly optimizing design services by following the market trend since reform and opening-up. It has always adhered to the core concept of “to take users’ needs as its own duty, to create competitiveness for users” and abided by the quality policy of “collecting advanced technologies, providing design services elaborately, seeking improvement and making progress continuously, winning users’ satisfaction”. The Ninth Institute has provided technologies for users during the whole process of scientific research, engineering design and project management etc. in an all-around manner. In this way, it has established sound social reputation, and has become the most time-honored scientific and technological enterprise with the most complete specialties in the sector of automobile engineering design and research as well as manufacturing technologies in China.
With engineering consulting and design as the guiding services, the Ninth Institute has quickly expanded its engineering general contracting  and project supervision services. It makes schemes for users, ranging from project site selection to the four workshops of stamping, welding, coating and general assembly as well as logistics system, and completes the turnkey projects from engineering design to finishing all construction tasks, including engineering construction, procurement, acceptance, production arrangements and debugging. Its design achievements have spread to everywhere in China and even more than 10 countries and regions. In a word, it has made outstanding contribution to the construction of Chinese automobile industry and national economy.

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