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Leaders care
  • To celebrate the green automobile company 7000 JH6 high-end heavy truck line
  • Departemnt of the first session of the board of first meeting in 2016
  • Xu Pinglai 9th inspection guidance
  • Wu Shaoming 9th to guide research work
  • Zeng Qinghong visited the 9th design project of Jiefang Truck
  • Wen Jiabao visited the 9th Tianjin FAW TOYOTA construction project design
  • Hu Jintao visited the 9th design project of Nanjing automobile factory
  • Zhang Xiaoyu 9th to inspect and guide the work of
  • Hao Jianxiu visited the 9th Hospital
  • He Guangyuan visited the 9th Hospital
  • Li Lanqing 9th in the design of the Tianjin automotive technology and Research Center groundbreaking
  • Chen Hui accompanied by Rao Bin visited the Tianjin Technology Center
  • Li Peng visited the 9th design of FAW Yangzi construction project
  • Chen Zutao and Jiang Zemin are togethe
  • Jiang Zemin and the Romania project team
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